How Are We Reacting to the Presidential Election as Christians?

Mike LeMay

Mike LeMay


Americans have elected a new President, Donald Trump. Watching the reaction of people to this shocking news is an indictment of how the thought process of many Americans has been degraded by years of deception and indoctrination through government, media and public education.

In my new book, “The Death of Christian Thought: The Deception of Humanism and how to Protect Yourself” I discuss the four thought processes every person chooses to use every day: Evil, Animal/Flesh, Human or Godly. Only the truly born-again believer with the indwelling of God’s Spirit has access to the godly thought process. And our reaction to this surprising election speaks volumes to the thought process people are using.

Left wing protests are springing up around the country with young progressives and socialists refusing to follow the will of the American electorate. These people refused to consider the possibility of a Trump victory and so they cannot consciously accept his victory. They are in an animal thought process, refusing to accept reality. Several of the music and Hollywood celebrities they admire pledged to leave the country if Trump won the election, yet none of them will. Will this diminish the influence these celebrities have on mindless Americans? Don’t count on it. Young people with a bad thought process will continue to be swayed by Hollywood and music industry elites because our young people have been indoctrinated away from the Clasical Education Model that teaches people how to think. Instead they are now being taught what to think, ignoring logic and rational thought. “If Beyonc√© believes it, it must be true!”

On the other side of the political spectrum, many conservative Christians are hailing Trump’s election as one of “good over evil”, ignoring some very troubling history connected with President-elect Trump. Some will blindly follow him, refuse to hold him accountable to some strong promises, and justify anything he does as better than the alternative. The truth of the matter is we do not know for certain what a Trump presidency will look like. He is facing a more daunting task than any President in recent history, leading a nation that is divided in so many ways, and pledging to bring us together as one. But he faces a “no-win” scenario in many ways. If he reaches out to compromise for the sake of unity on certain legislation, he will be attacked by conservatives as a weak compromise agent. If he digs his heels in and pushes a conservative agenda without addressing the concerns of the 53% of Americans who did not vote for him, he will be painted as a divider, racist, bigot and homophobe. This speaks to the thought process of many Americans active in pushing political ideologies and agendas: The belief that the only way we “win” is if the other side loses. Statesmanship has left the building in a nation that is divided in so many ways.

The hard left will criticize and make Trump out to be evil if he does anything they disagree with–the same thing many conservatives did with Barack Obama. Many conservatives want revenge for 8 years of a hard left turn, and will fight Trump on any attempt to compromise–they want unconditional surrender from the left because they believe Trump has received a “mandate” from the American electorate. In truth, there is no mandate–just a nation bitterly divided and perhaps beyond repair. While we hope this is not the case, we must be open to this possibility and this is where the thought process of professing Christians will come to light.

Will Christians lose sight of the truth that one day every nation will collectively turn against God? The Bible is clear that the world will continue to grow increasingly hostile, confused and evil, looking to one man to elevate as “god”–the Anti-christ. The election of Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton for that matter, would have zero effect on the eventual destination of this fallen world. Will serious Christians remember that our duties toward God haven’t changed one iota? That we are still commanded to share the gospel, speak the truth in love, and make disciples for Jesus Christ?

During the weeks leading up to this tumultuous election I was in constant prayer that the peace of God would guard my mind and heart, and that I would feel little difference if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton was elected. That God would keep me focused on the big picture–the eternal souls of men–rather than obsessing on who would win the presidency. And I leave all of us with a thought provoking question to ponder: If we feel happy or depressed by the results of the election, could we be putting our hope in the wrong person or institutions? Has anything really changed in the big picture, eternal perspective? Yes, we may now experience an extension of religious liberties, and perhaps some solid pro-life legislation can be advanced–these are good things we should embrace. But the world will continue its march to apostasy, increasingly rejecting Jesus Christ and the gospel of confession, repentance and faith in Him alone. And our job remains the same: Share the gospel and point people to Him as their only source of lasting hope.

As believers, we must use a godly thought process led by the Holy Spirit to see things from God’s perspective: The world is rapidly evolving into a very evil place, and Jesus Christ is preparing to return to judge all men and establish His everlasting Kingdom. Every person will either hear “Well done good and faithful servant” or “Away from me you evil doers, I never knew you!” This election didn’t change that fact. A godly thought process via the Holy Spirit and Word of God keeps us focused on eternity, and our responsibility to share eternal truth with all men. If sharing the gospel and leading lives increasingly holy and pleasing to God is not our primary focus, then we are too wrapped up in and seduced by things of this world. So if you are truly a born-again Christian, do not let the outcome of this election, or the actions taken by our next President in the coming years, take your focus off the big picture, eternal perspective of the return of Jesus Christ. In light of His return, everything else pales in comparison.

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